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1: Esther and Ruth were sisters rooming together in a nice Jewish resort in the Catskills called the Savoy Vacation Club.
2: The ladies chose it because they got a kick out of the club's nickname (everyone called it 'The Oy Vey' for short) and because there was always a chance that a little excitement would come into their sort of proper, spinsterish lives.
3: Sometimes after the evening show in the ballroom, after listening to the comedians poke fun at everything under the sun, a guest would fancy himself the new Buddy Hackett and carry on with foolishness far into the night.
4: Oh, the ladies would giggle at these antics, retiring to their little room feeling like they were getting their money's worth and more!
5: One evening, a prankster ran down the hallway, banging on a kitchen pot and shouting.
6: And following behind this miscreant, from every door in the hallway like a pull toy following a child were the complaints and exclamations of the inhabitants so rudely awakened.
7: Esther was particularly sound asleep and did not waken to the original disturbance, but she did to the outcry that followed.
8: Disoriented, she asked Ruth what was going on. The answer came,
9: "It's Midnight at the Oy-Vey, Sis!"


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